We are not lawyers/attorneys. We are open source practitioners with practical experience to share. Nothing we might say will constitute legal advice. However, we can definitely help you form a much better idea of what legal advice, if any, you should seek.

Open Source Consulting

Many people involved in procuring software are unfamiliar with how Open Source works, and thus view it as a risk.

Our view is that using any software involves risk, proprietary, open source, or created in-house. When it comes to consuming open source, it is important to understand how to manage the risk. This is achieved through understanding the mechanisms by which a particular product is distributed, and the mechanisms by which it is developed.

At Odoko, we have many years of experience working with Open Source. We can help you understand how to assess the risk involved in consuming open source software products.

We can also advise you if you are considering releasing software as open source. People often think that releasing open source software simply requires assigning it a license. This is legally true, but will likely not meet the aims of most organisations when releasing software in this way. We can advise on other things to consider, such as governance, open vs closed development and license selection.

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