Recruiting Apache Solr Talent in London and the UK

I get a regular stream of requests on LinkedIn attempting to recruit me to various Apache Solr roles.

From conversations with people who are recruiting for such roles, the search is often fruitless. There are not many people who have a substantial grasp of Solr in the market, certainly not in the UK or London. I’ve heard cases of people responding to requests who turn out to have downloaded Solr and used it. That doesn’t make you an expert however.

The question is, if there aren’t that many people with extensive Solr skills in the UK market, how can a business that has invested in Solr meet their need for skilled staff?

For many use-cases, a broad ranging knowledge of Apache Solr is not needed. For many situations, a skilled developer can learn sufficient to make effective use of Solr in a matter of days. Back that developer with a couple days of training, followed by just a few hours of occasional consultancy from someone who does know Solr and its breadth, and you will be able to make full use of Solr.

Odoko has taken this approach with a range of clients – some have used Solr unmodified, whilst others have engaged in substantial modifications to core Solr functionality. They gained great benefit from a core training from Odoko followed by either a day of consultancy or mentoring here and there, or maybe even just an hour or two of “am I taking the right course?” guidance.

If you’re looking to increase the amount of Solr talent in your team, then contact us to see whether we can perhaps get you there faster than you would through engaging in a fruitless recruitment drive.

Otherwise, I’ll wait for the LinkedIn message from your recruiter, to which I will likely, unfortunately, say no.

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